All the feels

If I was asked to describe the past week in one word…. I don’t think I could. There are SO many words that come to mind…. overwhelming, exciting, nerve racking, anxiety driven, peaceful, happy, gracious,.. the list goes on and on. This past week, we have both been through such a whirlwind, but in such a good way! God has opened doors we never expected and blessed us beyond measure.

Since announcing to the world we were adopting last week, God has shown up and shown out in a huge way. This past week we had our home visits for our home study. After reading all kinds of articles and things on different groups- we expected this to be painful at the least. We prepared (with the help of my amazing momma), to have an entire home inspection. We prepared for them to look in every nook and cranny of our house. We prepared for them to ensure every outlet was covered, every cabinet was locked, every speck of dust removed. We prepared for them to ask us incredibly in-depth questions about our childhood, parents, siblings, etc. We were prepared for the worst


When this sweet sweet social worker walked into our house…. She just brought a peace with her. She made the entire situation SO much easier than we could have ever expected. She put our nerves at ease- and told us she was there to help us not scrutinize us. She did interviews of both Cody and I separately, and then together. Then she came back the next day and walked through our house quickly, ensuring we had smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors. and an appropriate room for a child…. 

And that was IT

It was SO easy…. And I know… that God did that for us. We had so many people praying for us during that time, and we felt it in so many ways!

After our home visit… our home study was complete! What would typically take someone 3-4 months to complete…. Took us 3 ½ weeks… WEEKS… did you read that… WEEKS! The day after our home visit , we sent our paperwork off to our consulting agency… and really weren’t sure what to expect after that…. So we just began to wait. 

During this waiting period, we started our first fundraiser…. The puzzle! We have both been so excited about this puzzle, because we literally cannot wait for our child to be able to look at that and see so many people who have been apart of getting them here. 

On the first night, we sold over 30 pieces and they have continued to sell (although slower now) since then. Tonight (just a mere week after starting), we have sold 210 pieces to our puzzle! That is a total of $2100 to go towards our adoption fund! There have been a couple of occasions this week, where I have become anxious (Shocker, I know!). When we stopped selling as many puzzle pieces as we started, or people who we knew and counted on to buy a puzzle piece didn’t…. I began to worry that we may have bit off more than we could chew. I began to worry that we wouldn’t sell the puzzle pieces… or that it was a dumb idea and people were getting sick of me posting about it…. 

And then came Sunday… Sunday we were blessed by a family in our church giving us a generous donation for the puzzle fund. What is so cool about this…. is that a few weeks ago, this family was in need… and we were able to help them…. Without them even knowing it… they gifted us the EXACT amount back that we had gifted them…. It gives me chill bumps to even THINK about it now! It was in this moment where I realized that God will always see us through. No matter how anxious, fear driven, or impatient I get…. God will ALWAYS be there to provide for his sheep. He will ALWAYS leave the 99 to find the 1 that is lost. He will always make sure that our needs are cared for, and if we follow Him and obey his commands… he will bless us eternally. 

Then comes Monday evening…. We got our email from our consultant. This is THE email. THE big email. THE email that says…. We have been accepted as their client and have been added to their pending birth mother list. This means, that we will get e-mails detailing different cases. If we find one that we feel God is calling us too, we can request our profile be shown to that birth mother. So… this is the big times…. The super bowl…. The Broadway show…. This was what we had been waiting on! This is why it was even more important to us to sell our puzzle pieces! We could be contacted about a case tomorrow…. Or it could be months from tomorrow. We could be bringing a child home next week… or next year! So we have to be prepared for anything! 

As you can probably imagine… this is where the nervous, anxious, excitement came into play….. this was also the exact moment we stopped selling puzzle pieces. The devil is working in the same places that God wants us to thrive. The devil will steal, kill, and destroy to get what he wants…. But we will NOT let him! We went a total of 18 hours without selling 1 single puzzle piece. It was also during those 18 hours we went “active” with our consultant. It is not a coincidence that this happened.

My husband and I both… were up almost all night with anxiety and fear of the unknown. Would we bring home a baby in the next week? If so… what would we do? Would we have to wait until next year? If so, would we lose hope? It was in these hours…. That I found a verse that has stuck with me since…

“Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. Phillipians 4: 6-7 

SO… I stopped what I was doing… and audibly prayed for God to take away our anxiety. For God to prepare our birth mother. For God to prepare our birth mothers family. For God to prepare our birth father and his family. For God to prepare OUR family. For God to take our anxiety and replace it with HIS joy, and for God to help us financially during this time and show us which ways we are supposed to go. I can’t tell you that my anxiety went away as soon as I prayed that prayer…. But what I can tell you… is that I felt a peace about the situation. While I was still anxious, I knew that God was going to take care of us no matter what. 

So… this has been our week… full of SO many emotions- that I cant even put into words! People are asking what they can do for us? What they can help us with? Honestly…. Share our fundraiser! Share our things on Facebook! Share to people who aren’t on social media! Share to everyone you know! I made a goal of getting to 250 puzzle pieces by Wednesday night. We are SO close to that- and it would be SO amazing to be able to complete that goal! If you don’t feel led to give… then pray please…

Specific Prayers:

1. Pray for us to be patient during this time of waiting, and not to jump at the first case that gets sent to us. Pray that we will be patient and wait on the situation that God wants us involved in.

2. Pray for our fundraiser! That God would continue to bless it!

3. Pray for our nerves- that we would continue to search out to God when our anxiety gets the best of us.

4. Pray for SLEEP for both of us- the excitement and anxiety have both weighed in over sleep throughout the past few days.

5. Pray for HEALTH- that we would continue to be healthy and stay away from the many bugs that are going around these days

6. Pray for our FAMILY- this is just a exciting and nerve racking on them as it is on us!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far. Anywhere from helping us clean (thanks momma!), to praying for us, to checking in on us, to helping with our puzzle fundraiser…. You all mean the WORLD to us…. and we are so grateful to have you on this journey with us. Our child is going to be SO blessed with how many people have shown up and shown out- just to help us bring them home! So… THANK YOU!

To contribute to our puzzle fundraiser remember…. 

$10 = 1 puzzle piece! 

You can purchase as many as you would like! 

You can pay through: 

  • Paypal: paypal.me/williamsadoption19
  • Venmo: @Kayla-Williams-323
  • CashApp: $williamsadoption
  • Cash/Check via mail (or if your local we can meet you)- just message us for our address! 

Until next week… 😊

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