Bringing all the Pieces Together

Adoption is expensive. Like really expensive. Unfortunately, this reality keeps so many amazing couples from taking the steps to adopt, but we know that God has called us to do this and in that same way know that he will help us with the funds. When we first found out how much our adoption would cost, what would normally be a chest full of anxiety… was instead a chest full of peace. Peace that we knew God would see us through it.

When we first made the decision to adopt, one of the things that we wrestled over was whether we would do any fundraising. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to. There aren’t many things more humbling than asking other people for money! It sucks honestly! It’s uncomfortable. It’s vulnerable. Going through 7 years of infertility, meant that we had to use a lot of our savings. We went through all 7 years, without having to go into debt- which was honestly… amazing. 

The more we have talked and prayed about it though, the more we understand that it isn’t about asking people for money, but asking them to be a part of our story. To be apart of our child’s story, and that is something we want so badly- for you to be apart of bringing our child home! It takes a village… and we are so grateful to have you in our village!  

So we are so excited about this PUZZLE FUNDRAISER!

It works like this:

1. We had a 1014 piece puzzle created online.

2. We are “selling” each piece for $10. You can choose to buy 1, 2, 3, or 10! There is no limit!

3. To purchase via PayPal, click this paypal link  or you can look us up on paypal (kaylawilliams612@gmail.com).

 If you would prefer to write a check or cash, just message/email me and we can figure that out as well. 

When you send your money through paypal- make sure to write in the description who its from and how many pieces you want to purchase. If you would like to purchase a piece in memory of someone- please let me know that as well!

4. Once you purchase a piece, we will write your name on the back of one of the puzzle pieces and send you a picture.

 5. Once every single piece has been “sold”, we will put the puzzle together (with the help of our family) and hang it in a double-sided glass frame for our child’s room so that they can always look back and be reminded of who had a “piece” of bringing them home!

Just the thought of being able to sit down with our child later in life and show them exactly who helped bring them home… gives me chills!

I will keep my blog updated with progress on the puzzle and a list of amazing donors. So, our goal with this Puzzle Fundraiser is to sell all 1000 pieces which will raise $10,140!!!! If by change we end up with more donations than puzzle pieces- we will simply get a second puzzle! 

 That will take care of almost half of our adoption expenses! How amazing would that be?!?! We’d be honored and humbled to have you be a part of this story.

Want to help us bring baby Williams!? Click the PayPal link. If you wish to make an additional donation above the $10 price of a puzzle piece (first of all, that is awesome!), simply put the desired donation amount in the box and proceed to process your payment.

The other amazing thing that you could do to help would be to spread this! Share it with your families and friends.

Thank you!

 We love you!

 Cody and Kayla


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