The Wait

We have seen SO many reason WHY God shut the door on our infertility journey….. and have seen SO many very clear reasons on WHY He OPENED the door on an adoption journey for us. There are SO many days where we may want to give up, and wonder ….


WHY?!… Why can’t they just CHOOSE US?!

Are we not GOOD ENOUGH?!..

… but its in those times… that I need reminders like this below…… because God is ALWAYS there, and he ALWAYS will be. He has the perfect child in mind for us, and when we meet him/her…. I know it will be abundantly clear why we went through the obstacles that we have….. until then, we will lean on the support that we have in not only our family and friends, but also our adoption community. So we will CONTINUE to praise him in the stormy rainy days…. and when that rainbow hits…. Oh how sweet it will be- because we will know that GOD destined this JUST for US!

“And someday you’ll sit back and see the doors God closed for you and finally understand why. You’ll see your moments of devastation, as protection instead. You’ll see that during the moments you swore God wasn’t with you, that he was standing ten steps ahead of you. That during the relentless waiting you were never really waiting, you were in constant forward moving motion even though you swore your world stood still. Then someday you’ll be THERE, you’ll be where God promised you to be and all you’ll be able to think about is what if you gave up. What would your life be missing if you said no instead of yes? Where would you be if you said you give up? Maybe it’s the brokenness that prepares your heart for the blessing, that in your brokenness you can see Gods path most clearly and maybe being broken isn’t brokenness at all. Being broken takes strength, it takes vulnerability, it takes letting go of deeply rooted pride and allowing your heart to be guided instead of instinctually, and blindly guiding it yourself. And then suddenly, without warning, you’ll see it. And when you see it, instead of cursing the No’s and the Not Yet’s you once dwelled upon, you’ll spend the rest of your days singing praises for all those closed doors”

Taylor Anne– MSAC

This is SO powerful, and is where we pray we are someday really soon. Taylor Ann…. you inspire SO many people with your love and devotion of not only YOUR children… but of OUR prospective children as well.

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