All the details

17 days…. it’s been 17 days since we got “THE call”. While we don’t have all the answers quite yet… we are so blessed and excited to be on this journey with our Expectant Mama L! 😊

So many things happened the week that we were matched. I honestly don’t remember half of it, but what I do remember, is the way God worked in our circumstances and how all of the pieces just kind of came together at one time!

We were shown this expectant mama’s case and had absolutely no doubts that we would present. God had been working on our hearts from the very beginning of our journey. We went from having specific things that we would look for in a case, to honestly being open to anything and everything- trusting God that He would help us with whatever He put in our path! We found out not long after deciding to present, that we were the only people who were being presented.  That was a little surreal for us, and I have to be honest… it was hard not to get our hopes up.

We were expecting to hear back on a Thursday about Mama L’s decision. However,the Tuesday before that, I received an e-mail about another EM who was interested in matching with us privately. To say I was overwhelmed at this point… is an understatement. We went from having no one be interested in us for months…. to having two at the same time. I remember calling my best friend, and literally- having a panic attack on the phone (while driving down the road)! I mean what were we going to do?! We had TWO expectant mamas interested in us at the same time. What happened if they both chose us? How in the world would we tell one of them no? I was so excited, but terrified at the same time. I remember staying up that night, and literally praying all night. I prayed that God would just show us what he wanted us to do, that he would make the decision for us- because honestly It wasn’t one that I nor Cody wanted to make!

Being the awesome God that he is…. He did make that decision for us! The second mama we had learned about, ended up choosing someone else the next morning! I was again, awe struck by Gods grace, and mercy during this process! He not only gave us an abundance of what we had been asking for for months…. But He also helped us to ensure we made the right decision for our family!

**Side note to this story….. I also decided to get Cody a turtle that same week. Those who know him, know how obsessed with turtles he is. He has talked about getting one for forever- so I just decided to surprise him with one. When we received the turtle…. There were actually TWO!…. so not only did we get TWO expectant mama’s but also TWO turtles!…. meet Homer and Moe **

So, I got a call from the agency on Thursday afternoon. I was at work and was about to go into a staff meeting. I was sitting in the managers office (she wasn’t there at the time) and ended up having to walk away for a few minutes. I tell you this…. it was the ONLY time over the past couple of months that I left my phone sitting and walked away from it. (When you’re on this adoption journey, you could get a call at any moment! So, it’s important to always keep it with you!). I was away from it for about 15 minutes, and when I came back…. Saw that I had 3 missed calls, 1 voicemail, and 1 text message. I immediately just called back the number without even listening or looking at the text messages. People ask me… “What did they say?!”…. and I have absolutely no clue. All I remember hearing is

“EM L want’s to match with you!”

… and that was it! I remember calling my husband, and us being ecstatic over the phone. I then went and found my sister (who works in the same building) and told her- and we proceeded to call my mom (who later told me, she thought we were pranking her!). I remember calling my closest friends on the way home from work that night, and every one of them crying! I remember saying…. Everyone else is crying BUT me! haha!

Since that time, we have just been living one day at a time! It is still incredibly surreal… and I really can’t believe this is actually happening! We have had the opportunity to love on Mama L through letters, and we are so excited for the day we will be able to meet her! We are so excited to walk this journey with her and show her the love of Jesus through this adoption!

So… now let’s get down to some of the questions we have been asked:

Are you SO excited?!:

YES…. But it is also SO surreal to us still! We also have a heart and love for Mama L and can’t imagine the tough decisions that she has had to make. Our heart truly goes out to her, and we are excited to walk this journey with her!

When is it due?!:

Mama L’s due date is November 5th! We are expecting that she will likely deliver early, so most likely the end of October sometime!

Do you know if it’s a boy/girl?!:

Not yet! Hopefully we will know in the next couple of weeks, but at the absolute latest- it will be the second week in July.

Where will you have to go?!:

St. Petersburg/Clearwater FL

How long will you have to be there?!:

So, this is all dependent. We know it will be  at least 1-2 weeks. However, there is a strong possibility that baby may need to be in the NICU several weeks after it’s born. So we are expecting to be there for about 4-6 weeks.

Did your fundraising take care of all of the costs?!:

We were blessed to be able to raise a good amount of money through all of your help! This money did go a long way towards helping us meet all of the costs for the adoption. We do have all of the money needed for the actual adoption (down to the dollar! – Thank you JESUS!)- however all of our travel costs will be extra.

Do you get to meet Mama L?!:

Yes! We plan to go down the second week in July. We will be able to have a ultrasound, and spend some time with Mama L! We are so excited for this, and the opportunity to grow our relationship and get to know each other more!

Will you have a baby shower?!:

We will likely have one, but not until after baby is born and we are home!

What are your travel plans?!:

We are currently searching out for a rental or vacation home in St. Petersburg/Clearwater for our potentially long stay. We have thought about VRBO and Air BnB, however all of these options are a little difficult in a situation like this. We could be there for 2 weeks, or 6 weeks…. And theres no way we will know that until we get there. If we book a VRBO or Air BnB for 6 weeks, and only end up needing 2… we are then out the other 4 weeks worth of money! If we book one week at a time, we will likely end up needing to move to a new place each week- which could prove to be a little stressful during an already stressful time! SO- our ideal, would be to find someone who has a rental home/vacation home with flexible dates! If you know someone- PLEASE let us know, or send them our way!

We still have a lot of unknowns, but we are totally and completely relying on God! He has gotten us SO far, and we are so blessed to be able to have his love and support through this exciting but anxiety driven time!

Can you continue to pray for us, Mama L, and baby during this time! Here are some specifics 😉

  • Safe/healthy pregnancy for Mama L
  • That we can be a light to her, and show her how much we already love both her and this baby
  • Safe delivery for Mama L
  • Healthy Baby
  • Short NICU stay
  • God would reveal to us, how he wants us to handle our travel plans and being away from home for 4-6 weeks!
  • God would provide a path for us and give us the words to truly express our gratefulness to Mama L when we meet/visit with her in July
  • God would provide the travel costs to us, or show us how to go about this His way!
  • Our family- this is an exciting/stressful time for them as well!
  • That we would be the adoptive parents that God has called us to be!

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